What it is...
Is your student:
1. Bullied
2. Unsuccessful in school
3. Disorganized
4. Depressed
5. Obese
6. Not Motivated
Masterful Kids will help
emotional intelligence
happy child
 Keep the Balance
 Positive Self-Talk
 Find the Inner Passion
 Exercise for Heart Health
 S.M.A.R.T goals
 Self-Control is the Key
 Count Your Blessings
 Everyone is Special
  Failure can Lead to Success
child behavior problems parenting problem child
anger management for child

Masterfulkids helps parents raise a happy child. Emotional intelligence tools for children to improve anger management, time management, and reduce stress. Tools for parents with a problem, parenting tips to solve child behavior problems, and resources for family communication. Videos, articles and forums provide an engaging learning experience.

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